Sunday, March 1, 2015

Social awareness and dating

I would like to do new things and meet new people.  I have tried dating websites but dating doesn't interest me.  I like men and I like to meet men, but I am not sure if I have an interest in any one man in particular.  I do need to go out more though.  I am sure there is this one guy that is out there for me.  I have been self-conscious of my appearance for a long time that I am not sure if I will ever find the right one.  I have lived with fantasies, crushes, and obsessions.  I am now at an age where it is past time for me to settle down and have a family of my own.  I don't just want a guy that is breathing.  I like men who are honest, straightforward, blunt, and considerate. He is also smart and charming but not too charming.  He must also be open-minded yet conservative at the same time.  He has to have a sense of humor and hygiene is very important. What am I doing?  I am not interested in meeting a man just yet, but my biological clock is ticking however.  In order for me to date, I need a social life.  I need to get myself together.  I am a woman who probably comes with a lot of baggage like the issues I present on this blog.  I am also a woman who is socially awkward which would be a minus on the dating scene.  I am just not ready for dating for those reasons alone.  I have tried that, but I am just not ready.  I would like to be however.
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