Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Persecuted Church

I wonder if the mental illness I am going through would be considered a hardship that I as a believer goes through.  I am wondering about that because I realize and I am reminded of the persecution other believers are going through.  To me, that is real hardship and real persecution.  Those are the things that should not only worry me but also something I take personally.  Sadly I didn't always feel that way.  It is horrible that I didn't feel that way because I have never been persecuted for my faith. I live in a country where people still have the freedom of religion that has been enforced for many years now.  Being criticized and ridiculed for religious reasons to me seems different from dying for the faith.  I mean that criticism and ridicule doesn't happen in those countries as well and I don't mean to minimize what is going on, but I am also thinking of the countless believers in Christ who have been burned, beaten, raped, kidnapped, and had churches burned.  Many also have to worship in secret.  That is a sad reality that I do and should take personally at all times.  I am reminded of those who are in need of prayer and strength for what they are going through at this time.
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