Friday, March 27, 2015


I could use some love today.  Love is not jealous.  Love is the best friend one can have next to Jesus. A hug can symbolize love.  Love can be a cliche but true love is not.  Love is about forgiveness but also never apologizing for that love.  Putting someone else ahead of you is true love.  I didn't realize that there are many kinds of love.  I know however of agape love, which I believe is the ultimate in love.  You can love one who is hateful.  When one loves, they can be at peace with everyone, or at least try.  I believe that is what the Bible speaks of when it talks about love, which is about being long suffering, honest and humble.  Love is not about a lack of truth, integrity, honor, and an inferiority complex and always striving for the impossible.  That is the saddest way to live: when one has no love in their lives or in their hearts. To me, a lack of love symbolizes a lack of forgiveness and a total lack of peace.
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