Saturday, March 14, 2015

Television and being safe

Can television become a form of idolatry?  I am not so sure though anything can be made into a God. Idolatry is a sin that can take away the time to develop a greater relationship with God.  That is what has happened to me.  Television I don't believe has become a form of idolatry, yet I find myself doing "research" on what I watch and not it is because it may be godly entertainment.  I am not sure if I can watch tv because of the content that scares me.  I am wondering about that.  There are television shows that I am just drawn to that I don't usually watch otherwise.  Then there are shows that I avoid altogether because I am afraid of the content producing spikes.  I wish I didn't have those fears.  I avoid watching television shows or movies.  It isn't that I have made the decision, but it is like the OCD has made the decisions and that is sad.  Maybe it is best if I were to turn the television off. All I know is that I can and need to do something about it.  I don't wish for the OCD to determine what I should do.  Now if only I can fight this bully called OCD.  What am I supposed to do?
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