Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am okay now.

I am ever mindful of the fact that I need to be mindful of what is real and what is eternal.  All of these thoughts that I have are based on the worst case scenario.  I realize that it is my brain talking.  It is not about me per se.  However, I am the one who has the thoughts.  I just have to accept the uncertainty. I just have to accept the disorder.  It is truly all in my head.  I prayed and confessed and I feel better already.  Life is good so far.  If only I could confess again what I really wanted to say, then I realize that I could feel so much better.  I do have an issue with unhelpful thinking such as catastrophes, and making mountains out of molehills.  I just choose not to be anxious.  I choose not to take anything too seriously.  I choose to embrace the obsessive thoughts and compulsions.
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