Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The End

I believe that all one day will be well.  This weekend I was listening to this guy on the radio about the last days, if we are living in them.  The signs are all around us and I believe that we as believers need to watch for the Lord's return.  I do wonder if prophecy is different for the Jews and Gentiles.  Matthew 24 writes of prophecy for the Jews especially.  However, much of what was said in that chapter as well as 25 could also be written for the Gentiles.  I have had an interest in Bible Prophecy and the End Times for many years.  The most certain answer that I have is that today will be closer to the end than yesterday was.  Tomorrow will be closer to the end than today was too.  I personally look forward to the end as all believers do, for our future will be bright.
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