Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Movie musings

I used to be able to watch movies everyday, all day.  I still do, but not even movies I find exciting.  I like to watch an occasional movie or two every once in a while but the love just isn't there anymore.  I like movies, some more than others.  I wish that I could just live life that way it is supposed to be lived.  I've had to struggle like this for years and now I think it is time that I learn to face my demons, whatever they may be. What is wrong with watching movies?  Why do most movies bore me?  Why do some of them freak me out?  The very questions that I am asking are so ironic because that is what movies tend to do: make us ask questions.

I find myself watching movies from the last few decades and wondering about the quality of them.  I watched the first two Iron Man movies and they were fun, but will they hold up against the Rocky or Godfather movies?  I guess only time will tell and only if they would ever be compared since the Iron Man movies are so recent compared to the Rocky and Godfather movies.  Plus there is this thing about criticism of different genres, so I don't see any of the Iron Man movies in any Oscar category unlike Rocky or Godfather 2.  I am no critic but just an average moviegoer who like what she likes.
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