Saturday, March 1, 2014

Interesting thoughts on twerking

I don't mean that there should be a treatise on twerking but I find it rather interesting.  It seems to be one of those dances that are so mainstream that it will eventually fade away, like the Dougie and the Macarena.  I have to admit that I never twerked, or dougied, but the Macarena was at least easy.  I guess being a part of an in-crowd just wasn't for me.

I am not sure where to begin here, but I have seen both men and women, and children doing this dance. Twerking is like sexuality, where one has to show restraint. In other words, there is a time and place for everything. It is one thing to twerk at a club with other 20-somethings, but to do the same dance in front of your children, on a graveyard, and in a church would make it sinful in my opinion because it is so disrespectful. I equate it to sex because sex in itself is not sinful and neither is dancing, including twerking.

 But there are people who misuse sex and pervert dancing that makes it a sin. Twerking is controversial I guess so do you believe that twerking in itself is sin in your opinion? People have been twerking for years but Miley Cyrus brought it to the mainstream's attention. So what are your overall thoughts on dancing especially twerking from a believer's perspective? It is interesting that I wrote this on another forum.  It is just interesting as a believer that I am even thinking about twerking and why twerking is such a big deal.
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