Saturday, March 8, 2014

Risks for lack of change: Celebrity obsessions and compulsions

I have a compulsion problem that I need to address.  The risks to having live the same day over and over is not only boredom but an endless pool of compulsions and obsessions.  I need to change, and change only for me.  I want to change.  I have a desire to change because of the risks involved to my health and psyche.

Celebrity compulsion and worship doesn't do me any good.  I realize that it no longer matters who the celebrity subject is.  What matters is that I am obsessed and that I have a compulsion to look at pictures or videos.

I like to hear the sounds of their voices and read gossip about them.  It took me a while to realize that I have an issue with celebrities and just being a fan or admiring their work will no longer just cut it for me.  I can write all of the articles about them but if I don't change, it will only make change harder.  I also realize that it is a spiritual thing where I spend more time on my obsession and compulsions more so than I do my relationship with God.  For that reason alone, I need to change.
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