Monday, July 21, 2014


Today could easily be a day of disappointment.  As a believer, it has its own day thereof yet it is a 24 hour continuation of yesterday.  Today unlike yesterday is a gift.  Really?  If it has its own evil thereof then why is the present a gift?  My guess is that today July 21, 2014 will be the only day that will be exactly July 21, 2014.  It will always be another July 21, but the past is the past and we just h ave to count it all joy during the present.  It is hard to explain but things and dates and years will change but there are things that will never change.  Like I do, we could use a dose of stability.  We could all use a dose of the truth right now.  I guess that is what it means when it says that time is of the essence.
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