Thursday, July 10, 2014

"And the Beat Goes On" by the Whispers

"And the Beat Goes On" by the Whispers is an underrated, dance-worthy song.  I loved listening to "Rock Steady" by them as well.  I still do.  In fact, while they are well known, chart topping groups, I still think they are underrated compared to say, Earth, Wind, and Fire.  I love that group no doubt, but they are both awesome.  I love listening to old school music because it is so good.  It isn't about dissing women or other celebs.  It is about just having fun and sending a message.  I love music like that.  Dissing people in music is a part of many rap songs and most wrestling promos, but dissing other celebs is totally unprofessional and classless.  It is one thing to criticize a leader's policies but sometimes people can say and do low down dirty things to one another and I just don't like that.  It seems to me like class is optional, even on some award shows, but that is just my own opinion.
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