Friday, July 11, 2014

Having bipolar disorder

I have a blog called Bipolar Musings on Facebook.  It too is about musings and reflections.  I don't always write reflections like I do with this site, but I do post videos and affirmations at times.  Having bipolar isn't always easy.  Neither is having OCD.  They are closely linked so I may as a bipolar have anxiety.  Those with OCD may (or may not) have depression or mood swings.

I have had my moments with both mania and depression.  There are times when I doubted that I had bipolar. I thought that maybe I was misdiagnosed.  I wondered if I were schizophrenic or have some other condition. But I wonder if I have another mental and psychological issue because I can (somewhat) relate to a schizophrenic.

I don't have many of the symptoms however.  Depression is something that is hard to get hard out of.  You want to be set free from the depth of depression, the hopelessness, and the guilt.  At the same time, being manic doesn't seem so bad.  However, it can be deceptive in that despite not being depressed, a person diagnosed with manic depression can also be anxious and irritable.

I am just reflecting on my life today.  Having bipolar is no joke.
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