Friday, July 18, 2014

Psalm 101:3

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.... Psalm 101:3

I wonder if it is about television watching.  There are a lot of negative influences that come from the television screen from a glorification of violence and sex, to false preaching.  Maybe it is better if I didn't even have a television.  I know that I watch a lot of television and now I realize that in that case, I have set many wicked things before I eyes.  But I think that it is about serving the Lord and cleaving to Him.  What is not vanity is serving the One True Lord.  All else is vanity.  One who is blameless before God is to reject those things that are not of God and the glorification of what I sometimes watch on TV and in the movies are of those things that do not glorify God.  A healthy avoidance and rejection of evil works are good.  I wasn't sure about the difference because the healthy avoidance due to God's Word or the unhealthy avoidance of not watching TV, movies, or other forms of media and entertainment because of the disorder.  Having obsessive compulsive disorder is at times difficult and avoidance is one of the symptoms.  I wonder sometimes if I am using the Bible to justify this form of avoidance.  I am glad to write that this is no longer the case.  In the past I have allowed the OCD to rule me and make me scared often.  Now that hte thoughts have lessened, I realize that the thoughts are just that, thoughts. It is still annoying and infidelity does not go away but what cheaters do is none of my business when it doesn't concern me.  If a character cheats, then it is someone else wrote about it.  They are fictional, not real.  I cannot hate a character because it wouldn't make sense.  However, a healthy avoidance because of the vanity of the world and because of not setting anything evil before my eyes does make sense.
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