Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Temptation is definitely a part of my life as a believer.  It seems to be a necessary evil in a cold, dark world such as this.  Sadly, I give in to temptation especially when it comes to the issue that I had yesterday.  I wonder what were to happen if I didn't feel so weak because I always give in to temptation.  I guess I figure that one time wouldn't hurt.  However, that is incredibly deceptive to anyone much less a believer in Christ.  I realize that Jesus has overcome all evil and all sin, but as a flawed human, that can be quite hard to grasp.  In short, life can be difficult sometimes, especially when we don't see that our actions have consequences whenever we don't weigh the options.  That is my problem.  I need to weigh the options regardless of whatever decision I make.
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