Saturday, July 12, 2014

Commentary, questions, and opinions about US media

It is a rather interesting question that I asked.   I believe that much of the US media tends to be more selective when it comes to how some of their stories are presented to the public. That I believe is why there are some media outlets dedicated to different ethnic groups such as Ebony for blacks, and Telemundo for Latinos. This isn't to say that other groups don't read Ebony or watch Telemundo. What is the demographic that the "mainstream" media outlets try to reach? I have noticed that there is some racism and classism when it comes to stereotyping. For instance, while things are not perfect in the black community, much of what is going on in the black community is not being reported by the "mainstream" media, unless it is reported in Essence or Ebony.

Why does the "mainstream" media report on the disproportionate number of black men statistically end up in the prison system; meanwhile, the "mainstream" media rarely reports at times the majority of young black men statistically will not end up dead or in the prison system? I have to find out on talk shows, Facebook feeds, and so-called "black" media to get a balanced story or two on what is truly going on in the black community. Blacks are not considered a part of the "mainstream" as far as demographics, media, etc because of the prevailing views and the truth that there is a lot of elitism, racism, and ideological divide in how things are reported in mass media. I have noticed when people say "racist" they automatically think "white people" or when they think of "welfare" and "food stamps" they automatically think of "black people", or the reports of "illegal immigration" they think of "Mexican and Mexican-Americans". I don't like how much of the "mainstream" media reports its stories. The truth is anyone can be racist, an illegal immigrant, or be on food stamps and welfare.

All of these points may sound dumb to you, but in your view, does mainstream automatically mean "white people" since they are the majority (I'm black-American.)? Or is the word "mainstream" unfair since the US is a diverse nation and there isn't any legal segregation since black people and Latinos are now integrated into US society despite the problems that exist. Most blacks are not poor or in prison or victims of the racist white man or on welfare, but there sure are a lot of reports on it. I am just wondering.

I hope that my points don't come across as rather naive but there are things I have noticed. For instance, we have a story of the 300+ girls in Nigeria who are missing though the stories of terrorism and extremism has gone on in Nigeria for a long time now. Dozens of University students have been killed before the story about the 300+ female students who are now reported missing. In other words, if this were 300+ US American or European girls, would the "mainstream" media have reported on this sooner? I hope that I am wrong and that the race of these young girls don't matter which in reality don't, but I do wonder.
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