Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fictional characters

I have today wondered why we as people get so caught up in the things we see in the media.  These are unreal characters played by real people.  What is so wrong with our lives that we get so caught up?  Have we become sheep?  I wondered at time what is the point of getting so caught up in the lives of real people? Actors have scripts written for them.  Singers write songs.  It is okay to appreciate their work but when we get so caught up in gossip and their work that it becomes a priority then something is wrong.  I finally realized that is the case with me.  There have been things that I have been caught up in and have not put God first in my life.  I have gotten so caught up with what I watch on TV that I have lost sight of what is most important. Some of my prayers even involve what is on TV and what is in the movies.  I was referring to myself.  I don't wish to rationalize anything but I guess rationalization is what can help me at the moment.  They are fictional. They are not real.  I cannot judge someone by what they play on tv or in the movies.  I will never know these people nor will I meet these people.  I love music but I will never meet Lady Gaga or even Mariah Carey.  I appreciate their work but I don't know if they are nice or if they are mean.  I guess that to someone with OCD, it should no longer matter, but the OCD says that it does.  I have come to realize that God is forever and life is just too short.  I have the control over what to watch, or what to read.  That is what I have to realize if I were to "defeat" the obsessive thoughts and the anxiety.
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