Sunday, June 15, 2014

Real Fathers, Real Men

Tom Joyner knew exactly what he was talking about when he says those words every Thursday morning on his show.  “Real Fathers, Real Men” rings true.  Any man that does not take care of his kids is not taking care of his responsibility.  The man is called to be the head of the home.  So often, women are the single heads of the home, and these women are commended for doing the double duty that she does.  “Children are a gift from God.” (Psalm 127).  Men, if you have kids, you will be held accountable!  Be there for your kids, love your kids, respect your kids.  One of these days, when your kids grow up, you will regret that you weren't there.  Spend time with your kids.  Your time spent with your kids is more precious than gold.  This is a message for moms, too.

Father’s Day is coming up.  There are millions of people, young and old, black and white, who wish that their fathers were there.  This is the day in which we are to celebrate all fathers.  Fathers, I believe, are the most underrated men in the world.  This year, give your father, or any man in your life, your best, even if it is a card or a hug.  It is the thought that counts.  These men are to be commended for being there, for loving and respecting others, and for doing the will of God.  Whether your dad is strict or lenient, iron out any differences or just say thank you.  After all, life is too short and no relationship should be taken for granted.


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