Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Commitment to lose weight and exercise....but for me

Well, despite the unhealthy choices I made and the fact that I didn't exercise, I am proud of myself for making a commitment to exercise and lose weight.  I am no fan of dieting, which I realize is what I have been doing most of my life.  There is no use trying to deal with the mistakes of the past.  I won't kick myself or live in regret for all of my errors.  I know now what to do.  Everyday is a lesson learned.  I need to not just be patient with all things, but to forgive myself.  I believe that is what God has been teaching me.  To be patient and having a sound mindset is the key to losing weight.  I fear giving up and I am not confident that I will stay with eating healthy.  Dieting did not do it for me but making small changes have.  I rarely if ever drink sodas anymore, and white foods like white rice I rarely miss.  However, I am clueless at times about eating in moderation, which has become a big issue for me, and so is eating processed, unhealthy foods.  I don't want to try or wish, I want to do it, which is what I am actually doing right now.
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