Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Let it Go" as sung by Idina Menzel

This too is such a beautiful version.  While she does have more of a range compared to Demi Lovato, Idina's version that I have shows Elsa singing her version.  This version also makes me want to see "Frozen".  This version also inspires me to let things in the past all go.  I know that it is the wrong message, but that is one of the things that I get from this song.  Idina Menzel is a fantastic singer and actress.  She obviously put her heart and soul into this song and I look forward to hearing more from her soon.  All I have to go is watch YouTube  Then there's her past performance on "Glee".  Her resemblance to Lea Michelle is striking by the way.

I know that I am not a music critic per se, but I could care less.  While I am only an armchair quarterback, it behooves me that people define what is real music and what it is not.  It is sad as there is no need for the real vs unreal music, or whatever it is called.  Yes, I believe that there are some who are better singers or rappers than others.  I have my tastes like Tupac and of course, classical musicians, and Britney Spears.  I even listen to gospel as well as secular music.  I am no fan of using curse words in songs, so I prefer clean music.  I don't like for rappers to call women, black or white, derogatory names.  That is not talent, it is rude, crass, and truly demeaning.

We all have our musical tastes.  Is Britney Spears that bad?  Apparently not.  I like her and so do millions of others. Does she lip sync? I rather that she would not because lip syncing and autotune are cop outs for those who are not the most "talented" of singers and it is also deceptive.  I personally do not know if she does lip sync and I think that it is sad that some in the music world feel that they have to lip sync in order to promote an album.

I don't like the idea of who or what is real music and what isn't real.  What is music that is not real?  To me that makes no sense.  No doubt about it, Idina Menzel and her version of "Let it God" in MY personal opinion are the real dea.
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