Sunday, June 8, 2014

Affirmations to Live By 4

Affirmation: I have a conscience so my mind is clear.                                                      
Affirmation: My mind is refreshed and renewed this morning.                                                  
Affirmation: I love myself enough to take better care of myself.                                                               
Affirmation: I am an understanding person.                                                       
Affirmation: I am faithful and true.                                                         
Affirmation: I am faithful.                                                            
Affirmation: I am sound of mind.                                                             
Affirmation: I embrace who I am.                                                            
Affirmation: I am a child at heart.                                                             
Affirmation: I am smart.                                                               
Affirmation: I can do it.  I can beat this.                                                 
Affirmation: I am strong and resilient.                                                   
Affirmation: My soul is tranquil and my mind is calm.                                                      
Affirmation: I can overcome anything.                                                  
Affirmation: I am making positive choices in my life.                                                       
Affirmation: I believe in You, Lord.                                                          
Affirmation : Music makes me feel alive.                                                              
Affirmation: Each and every day, my circumstances are improving.                                                          
Affirmations: I am having so much fun in life.                                                     
Affirmation: Life is fun and rewarding.                                                  
Affirmation: I can dance my way to good health.                                                              
Affirmation: I treat myself right.                                                               
Affirmation: I can do it..I am and continue to be the after picture.                                                            
Affirmation: Lord, I believe in You for I am an honest to goodness person.                                                           

Affirmation: I have the grace of God.                                                      
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