Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Affirmations to Live by 6

Affirmation: I love music and thus I am a musician at heart.                                                       
Affirmation: Christ is the center of my world.                                                   
Affirmation: I am not jealous, but kind and giving.                                                         
Affirmation: I am not ignorant of the devil's devices, so I am not blissful or willfully blind.                                        
Affirmation: I never take anything or anyone for granted.                                                          
Affirmation: I have an open mind.  Therefore, I have an open heart.                                                     
Affirmation: I am wonderful.                                                    
Affirmation: I believe in myself.                                                             
Affirmation: I have never been a fool for love...thankfully.                                                        
Affirmation: Patience is one of my virtues.                                                        
Affirmation: Life is mine to live and I will live it.                                                             
Affirmation: I am brave enough to go through pain and struggle.                                                            
Affirmation: I meditate on what is good.                                                             
Affirmation: I like myself and others like me for who I am.                                                        
Affirmation: I am true to myself and will continue to do so.                                                       
Affirmation: I am a fun person to be around.                                                     
Affirmation: I am not foolish, but I am cautious.                                                              
Affirmation: I will be a success no matter what goes on in my life.                                                         
Affirmation: I am a brave person who has learned to stand on her own two feet.                                                            
Affirmation: I don't take my family and friends for granted for they love me too.                                                            
Affirmation: I appreciate who I am.                                                       
Affirmation: I am thankful to the Lord who gives me strength.                                                 
Affirmation: I am witty and have a good sense of humor.                                                            
Affirmation: I am intelligent.                                                    
Affirmation: I am talented and clever.                                   
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