Sunday, October 20, 2013

To muse about

As I read my blogs, I am still concerned as to what a musing is.  Have I contemplated enough?  Have I contemplated at all? I have had thoughts about money, writing, and other subjects.  Yet I seem to go the same routes.  What does this all mean?  Does it mean that I am living in a circle?  Is it a vicious cycle?

That sounds like my life, doesn't it.  Maybe I am just going on and on and on.  I just feel like I am going insane sometimes because I don't have the right this and the right that.  I guess it is the obsessive nature in me.  I have to have to do everything right so that all is right with the world.

I am only exposing myself to You because that is all I have: myself and my relationship with God.  My life seems to be full of vanities.  But even my vanities make me what I am today.  All is vanity I say.  The Preacher was right.
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