Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prayer and thankfulness

Prayer is deep, respectful communication with the Lord.  Prayer is not a hard science but Jesus however did teach us how to pray.  When we pray we are not to ask amiss, but in His name.  We are to reverence the Lord and be thankful.  We are also to trust Him no matter how small the details seem to be to us.  I am writing about prayer because I have learn to trust in the Lord more and more each day.  There isn't anything He wouldn't do for us just as long as we obey Him.  Life can be hard, but life without prayer and thanksgiving is even harder.  Taking the time to thank God today is something that will be greatly appreciated by God. 

We all have much to be thankful of.  There is always someone who has it worse than us, but there is someone who has it better than us.  Circumstances can change and people can change.  These things happen daily and they never stop.  God still does miracles.  We as believers need not to lose heart for God being the God of miracles is true.  Many believers have been set free from drugs, doubts, and lying.  Others have been saved from unforgiveness, bitterness, and hatred.  I don't claim to know everyone's life but I believe that even with me, little miracles happen everyday.  Prayer is something that none of us should take for granted.  Even if it is short, take the time to thank God today.
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