Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obsessive thoughts

I told my mom about my obsessions and it felt good.  However, I felt like my obsession is on my mind  I do believe that he is so hot regardless of what he looks like.  He does need therapy like I do and a stylist though.  It is as if I want to be best friend.  I have thoughts about him that a Christian is not supposed to have.  I feel pretty good today as I don't have many thoughts about him.  However, though he hasn't been in my dreams, I can say that I woke up and felt pretty good.  However, I woke up to another thought but it wasn't so bothersome.  What were to happen if I were to meet him?  I was afraid of what he would eventually say.  He was smoking a cigarette and he knew my name.  It was as if he knew that I was stalking him or wanting to meet him.  That is something I don't want.  I am scared of meeting him and I don't want him to curse me out, so the meeting would be out of the question.  I will always have questions about whatever obsessive thoughts come to mind, but I guess the answers no longer matter.  In the grand scheme of things, what is real really counts.

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