Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interracial unions

I have no issue with interracial relationships.  Why is there such a difference?  What difference does it make?  There is racism in the world and that is why it matters to so many, including myself.  I am hypocritical in my views because I feel that exclusively mating out of one's race is not something that I would do because I will mate with someone within my race just as much as I would of another race or ethnicity.  My views are of a personal preference. Also,  I don't feel one has to explain why someone is in a relationship with someone who is of a different race or ethnicity.  I believe that a person will find those same characteristics that one looks for no matter what the race, color, or ethnicity. 

It is sad that many people think they are ungodly or just unlawful.  That has happened in this country and it is so sad because a chunk of the US population were viewed as second class citizens and were treated as such.  They were considered lesser than the majority and some of that mindset and the racial hatred still remains in all races.  How the US systematically and stereotypically treat people is nothing short of a sin.  It is wrong. I have my pet peeves, yes, such as the racial confusion of the kids due to these unions.  What is really confusing them in my eyes is the racist attitudes of those who are against interracial unions, not the parents, but the racism that exists in our society. 

There is also nothing biblical against interracial unions.  Israelite men were to put away their foreign wives not because of their race or nationality, but because of the paganism that existed in those nations.  The point is, we are not to be unequally yoked.  An unbelieving spouse could end up being a negative influence on the believing spouse.  Yet a believing spouse could also be a good influence on the unbelieving spouse.  That is how I view interracial unions.

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