Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars Review

So I watched the Oscars last night and it wasn't the most exciting show but that was okay by me.  I am not into all of the crazy moments and the curse words.  The show itself was classy enough and Neil Patrick Harris did a good job.  He was funny.  The dresses were nice and there was none out of the ordinarily bad.  Some may have been a bit unique but that was it.  It wasn't as fun as it was last year and there were no selfies, lol.  The show was okay but that was it.  Nothing or no one really truly stood out for me all that much.  I did like the guy who mentioned calling our parents though, that was nice.  I didn't think I would give the Oscars a review today but what else was there.  I only woke up an hour ago after a very long nap.
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