Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How I really see myself versus what I imagine for myself

In the mirror I see my true self as we all do.  I have been self-conscious about my weight for years and now I see myself as someone who can do this.  I need a change in my mindset.  This is much easier than I thought for the most part.  So far, I have lost 10 pounds but now the exercise has not been easy for me.  I have gained so much weight over the years and now walking has been of benefit to me in every way.  My health is important and at my age, I realize that I may have many more years of unneeded health issues that could have been prevented.  My future looks brighter now than it has been in a while, as long as I stay on the path that I am on.  I have a few more changes to make such as incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet, eating in moderation, and overcoming mindless eating.  I am even learning that a simple, literal menu solves all of those problems.  I have found myself overwhelmed for years and that is why I couldn't get anything done.  I have lived in a sea of anxiety and frustration and while they are still around I can finally deal with them.  I have to remind myself what I am up against and why this is important.  So far, I have lost 10 pounds or so and I feel better already.  I look forward to the future.  I don't imagine what it will be like but imagining and visualizing are two totally different things.  I visualize a healthier person who focuses on herself and on her health.  I often imagine scenarios of a different person who focuses on herself but with probably unrealistic expectations and unrealistic dimensions and an unrealistic life.  Personally, imagination is good but I rather visualize for now.  I have realistic goals in mind that are subject to change but I choose to live for the hear and now so that I will be able to live in the future.  Those are my goals for now.
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