Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inspired by reading weight loss stories

Today was a good day.  I had no major problems.  In fact, I did something about it.  I confessed.  I had to humble myself and I finally spilled what I hadn't spilled in years.  There was so much that I wish that I could do or say, but I didn't do either.  I am doing so much better since I did that and since I have exercised.  I am happy to have actually done that.  I am also inspired by reading weight loss stories and needless to say, I can relate to these stories.  I wasn't a thin child and I gained a lot of weight over the years.  I have also lost a lot of weight over the years.  I have PCOS and so far, I lost 10 pounds.  I lost that weight with Weight Watchers, but this time, I hope to stick with it.  I plan to stick with it for at least a year.  I didn't stay that long the last couple of times.  This time, I am staying.  I have been overwhelmed which made things even more difficult than they already were.  I have a lot of learn but the lessons are well worth it.  I have been counting calories for years and for a time they work, but this time, things have changed.  I am actually taking action by dealing with the anxiety using relaxation techniques and talking about my issues helped.  I have learned in the past few weeks to learn how to eat in moderation, not get too overwhelmed, become more patient over time, and rely on trusted support from those who know where I have been.  So far, so good.
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