Saturday, February 7, 2015

God, our Number One Priority

I am too caught up in the things of this world.  That is not something that I am proud to admit.  As I peel back the layers so the speak, I am reminded that all of us have issues and mine is that I am too anxiety ridden and I need guidance and support.  Every day is one day closer to victory and one day closer to anything that is better than temporary relief.  Having emotional and psychological problems are a daily struggle but with hard work, I know that there are possibilities but with God there are victories.  I guess that is what it means that little miracles happen every day.  I guess that is what it means.  I am certainly living proof that little miracles happen daily.  Getting my priorities straight is crucial is our walk with Christ and that I have gotten caught up with TV shoes and movies and sports and other things.  I didn't always take time to put Christ first and I brought it on no one but myself.  I have been living in a cycle of anxiety and uncertainty and it has been hard to take.  I often have these moments where I could not believe the answer was right in front of my face.  The answer is holy living and the first priority is the Lord.  TV shows get cancelled, times change, and friends come and go.  I will myself take comfort in knowing that God doesn't get cancelled, He doesn't change, and He won't come and go.
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