Thursday, February 26, 2015

Exercise and needed reminders

I have just finished exercising with Leslie Sansone.  It was quite a bit of a fun workout.  I am starting to like exercise more and more.  With a changing mindset about exercise, it is no longer a chore.  It is quite a bit interesting now.  I would like to make exercise a habit.  It has been said that it may take weeks for a habit to start forming.  I look forward to that.  Right now, I plan to exercise a minimum of 10-15 minutes per day as I am physically able.  I use exercise videos so far and I also have to prepare myself for the fact that losing weight takes work on my part.  It is work, but it is well worth it.  I have to remind myself that even though I have a weight issue, I also have a hormonal issue.  I am also a diabetic who has to work extra hard to make sure my blood sugar stays normal, not too low, and not too high.  It is those daily reminders that keep me in check.  They are definitely needed.
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