Monday, November 4, 2013

Music and nostalgia

I have put up music videos for the past few days because I feel like music is a great healer.  I am not sure what I should muse about today.  I felt like I have to muse about music.  I feel like being prayerful or just going back in time.  Things seem simpler, but are they really?  Well, there are few things like nostalgia.  I admit that sometimes with nostalgia comes a blindness to all of the bad times.  With all of the music, the movies, and the magical days, was the bad times.  I was bullied while I was in school, so not everything was so great.  Despite all of that, I do miss the "good old days".  However, what do I know about the "good old days"?  I am not an older woman.  Maybe age is just a number.  Maybe I am reading too much into the times and to the music of the times.  Right now, as I am typing this, maybe I am starting to feel old.

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