Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas is About Christ, or is it?

This was a video that I have created about the correlation between Christ and Christmas.  I know that in a couple of days, we as Americans will have much to be thankful for.  Jesus is definitely the way, the truth, and the life.  It is kind of like the Sabbath.  We are to worship and serve the Lord everyday, not just on a specified day of the week or even on Christmas.  Christians serve a God who fulfilled the law.  We no longer have to live by the law.  That means that the law or good works won't save us, but Jesus Christ will save us.  I am not meaning to say that the Ten Commandments and the Old Testament are null and void.  They are not.  Murder is wrong, covetnous is wrong, and so are adultery and theft and idolatry.  Those works committed by anyone who has not repentant whether or not they profess Christ with their lips will cause the sinner or false believer to be outside the Kingdom of God.  What that means is that one who continues to sin willfully will not enter Heaven or the New Jerusalem.  That is what should always be the focus whether or not we should celebrate Christmas. 
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