Monday, November 25, 2013

Cult of celebrity

-a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

Cultism is truly a form of idolatry.  That is apparent judging from the above definition.  I admit that I have at least exhibited cult-like behavior in the past over MR.  I have a crush, or rather, had a crush on MR.  Yet it became an obsession.  It was deceitful and I needed help.  I am glad that I got the help I needed and my fixation is fading.  Idolatry is futile and so is having an obsession.  It is all vanity.  Serve God only.  We live to serve God.  We don't live for God to serve us. 

Why am I writing this?  I am writing this because of the cult of celebrity that is so pervasive in US society at least.  These celebrities are images, but they are people at the same time.  I am watching "Ellen" and Lady Gaga is being interviewed.  What is so amazing is that she is a human who comes across as a real human.  She is a talented artist that is a person like all of us.  She is not an object to be worshipped.  It is okay to like her music, but there are some of us humans who take devotion to a whole new level.

While I never posted pictures of MR on my wall, it was as if I posted pics of him in my heart and online.  I was so obsessed with the man I couldn't think straight.  I had to get a perspective on my obsession with him.  MR is a talented actor who is a man just like other men.  I see him on tv and on the internet, but I never met him, nor will I ever meet him.  He seems approachable and nice, but is he?  He is not only a famous person, but he is also selling himself to the public in the hopes that we will watch his films.  Lady Gaga is doing the same thing with her music.  

They are a carefully crafted image created by a machine.  We are not to worship them.  It is futile.  It is vanity.

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