Saturday, November 23, 2013

Giving of thanks and serving mankind

Gift giving and being thankful give me joy.  As a believer, I have realized that serving God and serving your fellow man (and woman) is about loving and cherishing others.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are times when we should be loving, giving, and thanking God and thanking others.  I wasn't sure what the holidays are all about in the past because it seems so cliched.  I wasn't cynical mind you, but celebrating these holidays shouldn't just be about having fun, but about being holy. 

Holiness is a requirement for Christian living.  I wish that sometimes I could be perfect, but as a human being, that is impossible.  I can however, set myself apart from the things of the world.  Getting caught up in the world is like giving the devil a place in your life.  I know that I was supposed to be writing about giving and being thankful, so I tend to wander off.  Staying focus is something that I have trouble with at times.

Anyways, I don't just love the idea of giving.  That is like loving the idea of loving someone without actually loving that person.  It is a selfish thing to do and it is unfair to not only that person, but also oneself.  Holidays are about setting a day or two aside to love and give love in return.  That is something that I hope to remember this Holiday Season.
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