Friday, November 29, 2013

Ballet: a beautiful dance

Ballet is such a beautiful and intricate dance.  I guess that it is how God felt when he created the ballerina.  He knew beforehand what each ballerina wanted to be when she grew up.  There are girls out there who do want to be ballerinas.  I never wanted to be one as I am more of an observer.  I am not the greatest dancer but I can see why people aspire to be ballerinas and watch ballet.  It is a wonderful combination of the beauty and grace and dedication to one's craft.  It is an artform, just like painting or writing a play or acting in a play.  I find plays, sonnets, and operas so fascinating.  Over the years I have become a fan especially within the last year after watching the Nutcracker.  I admit that I have never been to a full-blown opera with its intricate, meticulous attention paid to every detailed note, high and low, and its guided symphonies.  They are relaxing and a pleasure to watch.  I thought that it would bore me, but it doesn't.
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