Sunday, May 18, 2014

My entertainment choices

Physically I am feeling a lot better.  I am still in some pain but I will be okay.  Right now, I am watching an award show, "The 2014 Billboard Awards".  The sad thing is that I am just learning about some of these young artists.  Because I am so nostalgic, I feel bad about not knowing who a lot of these artists are.  I only have little to no clue if they are talented singers, songwriters, or rappers.  I know of Alicia Keys, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Rihanna, and Shakira.  I listen and know of some of their songs, but I know little about Ariana Grande, One Direction, Iggy Azalea, or even Jason Derulo.  I can barely think of any of their songs off the top of my head.  I am sure all of these young people are talented but I have little interest in listening to most modern music.  My reasoning is that some of the music out there just isn't that good.  I miss groups and bands like Boyz II Men and the Gap Band.  I am 39, so I seem rather biased and old, but there are times when I miss listening to music I grew up listening to.  Now I like listening to some of the newer artists like Shakira, Maroon 5,  Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Robin Thicke, but I like everyone else have my preferences.  I guess everyone has their biases when it comes to music.  My bias is nostalgia but as I write this, I would like to not be so set in my ways when it comes to music much less anything else.

As for TV goes, I feel like a lot of shows are or look to be good shows; it is just that I cannot get into them. One of the reasons why I don't watch a lot of tv shows is because I find movies and music more interesting.  I rather browse or watch a clean, wholesome film than most tv shows today.  The selection of shows that I watch are not very broad.  My TV watching habits have changed much over the years.  Being a believer in Christ has a lot to do with that and I wish I judged what I watch on television and movies based on religious beliefs.  I believe that time is too short to fuss over entertainment choices and that the most important thing for Christians to do is to be lights in a dark world, not to find us being entertained and caught up with the world.  I may be a bit nostalgic when it comes to TV but I can tell you more about a daytime drama or "The Cosby Show" than I can tell you about "Blue Bloods" or the Bachelor.  Speaking of the Bachelor, there are just too many reality shows to catch up on, plus I just don't like or watch a lot of them.  A lot of what is called entertainment just irks me so I avoid it.

There I go, in summary, I am not a big fan of much of reality TV, which I don't really see is based on reality, award shows, and most prime time lineups on tv.  I realize that regardless of age, or mindset, I find myself changing with the times but also a bit stuck.  That is a blessing and a curse when it comes to my entertainment choices.
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