Saturday, May 31, 2014

Being a diabetic with PCOS

I am a woman in her 30s who has been having difficulty losing weight. I have only been diagnosed as having PCOS just a few years ago and I have difficulty controlling my food intake without the use of supplements or medication. I am overweight or rather clinically obese, diabetic, and have other health issues and I would like to know how to cope with these issues. 

This was what I wrote in the biographical section of the website.  I am concerned about my health, yet I feel like I haven't been concerned enough.  I still am concerned yet I still eat mindlessly.  I eat what is available in the house.

Now I wonder if I should grocery shop for healthier foods and those healthier options.  I am not only concerned, I find myself worried sometimes.  I am still overweight with a number of health issues.  My diabetes I find was uncontrolled.  I am fearful now that things will get worse if I don't control my diabetes.

It seems as if others have a greater understanding of the risks of having diabetes except for me.  At least that is true for my family, even if I don't have diabetes.  I am not proud of having diabetes.  I don't want to suffer the risks and complications of diabetes.  I am just scared of them.

People have had their limbs amputated, some become blind, while others have had heart attacks.  I don't want that for myself.  I hope to live long enough to say that my issues have improved because I have controlled my diabetes.  Sometimes I wish that I could be cured.  But I wonder if everyone who has diabetes feel the same way.

Having diabetes can be rough at times.  I sometimes suffer from having low blood sugar, so I tend to eat whatever I could find, namely sweets.  I feel like I have got to do this and do that.  Yet the urgency especially to lose weight has caused me a lot of stress instead of a lot of change.  Because of this lack of change, I am now afraid of this cycle of stress and a lack of knowledge.  Only I can break this cycle and that is what I plan to do.

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