Saturday, May 3, 2014

Difficulties are here and may lay further ahead...

I can relate to the person above.  It is difficult.  Life in general for most people is difficult.  We all have our issues and our problems.  I believe in a lot of things, but it is difficult to put those things into practice.  One such thing is the issue of eating.  I do tend to binge and overeat at times.  Yep, I have to still deal with that issue.  I realize that I need to change and have realized that I have not changed much.  I still drink sugary drinks, eat fatty foods, and not eat enough fruits and vegetables for the day.  That has got to change.  I have to promise myself that I know I can do this.  This requires a change of mind and heart.  I need to affirm myself.  The problem is, I have difficulty putting it into practice.  I just wish things were easier said or written or thought than actually done.
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