Monday, May 26, 2014

I have finally realize what I am afraid of.

I am afraid that I will become a judgmental hateful person. I am afraid that I will not like or hate people in an ungodly way. I fear being that person especially if they cheat or anything else. I am afraid that I will be like other people who have those same judgments. I am also afraid that I will continue to have the world on my shoulders because I make everything my business. But most of all, I am afraid that these thoughts will never end and that the OCD 'persona' will always be here.

I am also afraid of anything triggering another thought. I read up stuff online and I am just drawn to it. I am just afraid that I will never live life without going through the OCD cycle. I need to pray for people who do wrong and learn how to deal with others who behave badly. How do I begin to do that? How do I overcome those fears?

Is there a cure for OCD?  If only there was, I have no idea what man has in store for me in terms of a cure. Thankfully, Jesus is a Healer.  He came to save, minister, and heal.   I realize that if Jesus can heal, save, and minister centuries ago, then He can do that today.  That is the hope that I have.
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