Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The "Cult" of Celebrity

I have no clue what kind of person he or she is, but it seems that we are so quick to judge celebrities in a society where many profess Christ. Notice I only wrote profess. Is it ever okay to condemn a celebrity? In other words, why do so many people say "I don't like (fill in the blanks)" or "I hate (fill in the blanks)" even if they don't know the celebrity. The chances of meeting them are slim to none. On the opposite side of the coin, we have people who seem to "worship" the ground the celebrities walk on. I assume that it has always been this way.

For example, lets talk about Justin Beiber, ironically. I don't know the guy and the media reports on him however they wish (hopefully they don't lie and try to be truthful without ungodly judgment), but should we not pray for him no matter what he is doing? Have we always lived in a celebrity-obsessed culture and why do many, in a society where the majority profess Christ' literally obsess with the "cult of celebrity"?

I sound hypocritical because based on my posts on Mickey Rourke, I am no better. However, I believe that I am feeling better now and my thoughts about him have lessened. I too think that I am guilty of the same thing, but my experience has made me wonder why not only I, but many others think this is normal or acceptable. In my case, it may be OCD, but I cannot speak for others. I have since repented.

My question and point is this: If we were a society that is truly a Christian nation who does more than profess Christ, how different would our views of celebrities be? Would we be praying for said celebrity ( provided we never met him or her) or would we pass judgement on that person? Sometimes I believe that too many believers have no idea about judging people in a way that is godly. Too many believers condemn them, but others say that we shouldn't judge on the other side of the coin. What would or should our view of celebrity be?
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