Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Journey of weight loss

I feel a whole lot better today.  I am still concerned but I am sure that will never change.  I hope not though. I am reminded of those who don't have enough to eat, who weigh more than 300-400 lbs.  I am saddened and feel sorry for them.  I wish I myself could help someone who is starving or obese.  Many of the obese are food addicts who are really in a lot of pain. But no matter what, it is still up to the individual to reach a healthy weight.  Some people will be smaller or larger than others.  I am reminded of those who are also underweight not just because of starvation, but because of eating disorders.  I cannot imagine the pain and excruciation they go through because of their condition.  My weight is and should be an issue, but I still have to remind myself that there are others who go through a lot worse.  There are many with much larger crosses to bear.  Hopefully one day we will all do something about our weight (notice I said we) in order to be healthy.

This "war on obesity" we have should be about physical fitness, health, and individual well-being.  I am not even sure if it is a war.  It is a struggle and it is a journey, but wars involve winners and losers.  I wonder if the reason it is called a war is really deep down a way for the individual to be controlled by government and school officials, instead of parents, doctors, and the individuals.  Granted, I have seen more overweight people than ever, but I have yet to see so many overweight people, who, are often stereotyped and demeaned because of their size, that there should be a war on obesity.  My point is, I see war and epidemic as words used to scare, control, and divide people.  That is just how I feel about it.  My journey is not a war and I don't believe that it is an epidemic like the Spanish flu or AIDS.  Granted, obesity and unhealthy weight increases the risk of health problems, but like I said, I don't want anyone to tell me or to tax me, either.  I want, need, and desire to lose weight, but can anyone say that I am lazy and gluttonous?  I can but they can't because I am the one who gained my weight and this is my journey.
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