Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gratefulness for journey

It is better to be grateful.  It makes life worth living.  I admit that I complain too much.  I really do.  Rarely do I take the time to be grateful.  That is to my great shame.  Here are a list of things as far as my weight loss journey that I am grateful for or rather, are my strengths.

1. Lost a few pounds in the first few weeks.
2. Knowledge about eating in moderation.
3. Learning how to follow a schedule.
4. Affirming myself daily.
5. Have great motivation to diet and exercise, thus take better care of myself.
6. Set goals to lose weight that are realistic.
7. Daily renewal of my mind, meaning I am not frustrated, but keep my mind on an even keel.
8. Follow a weight loss plan that I will continue to use.
9. Being more truthful about myself than I have ever been before.
10. Learning about planning meals, thus not allowing myself to overeat but learning to eat in moderation.

I am grateful for those things that I have learned and acquired.  I myself have come a mighty long way and I will keep on improving.
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