Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Christian Walk and the Narrow Road

Today was or is very hard.  I had no idea what to reflect on today.  It seems that sometimes reflections of one's life can be difficult.  It sounded strange what I just wrote.  However, one's reflection is a mirror of one's physical self.  But does or can it mirror one's soul?  I don't know that, not at all.  I ought to know, but the Lord knows better..  I guess that is correct because God knows who is truly of Him and who is truly not a believer in Christ.  "Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.".  To me that is a scary verse, yet I see that there is a connection between that and the narrow road.  Sadly, very few will find it.  Those who were being deceived into thinking they were truly born again have walked a broad road to destruction.  That is scary and so sad.  The truth is, only a small percentage will enter Heaven one day.  My goal is to walk the narrow road and to serve the Lord faithfully.  Another goal that I have is to be obedient and enduring.  Obedience and endurance are also the marks of a true Christian.  Sadly, few will find it. 

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