Friday, January 22, 2016

Jesus or Silver and Gold

I personally would rather have Jesus, than silver and gold.  That is something that would be hard for most people, especially, to grasp.  I had to realize that Jesus will be the judge.  Money is nice to have, but we all need some change to make it.  Money is that piece of paper or coin that controls our lives.  The Bible states that the rich is never satisfied.  This is from a wise man named Solomon, who was the son of King David.  Solomon had all of the money in the world but was wise for he asked for that wisdom so that he could run his domain in Israel wisely.  Solomon was a wise king indeed.  However, money won't judge, but like I said, Jesus will one day.  Jesus was born to a young virgin girl, who was betrothed to Joseph, but He was born of God and was God Incarnate.  He died for us.  We really really have nothing to worry since God is the supplier of all needs whether or not the need is money, more wisdom, or salvation.  The thing about money is that while it is important in this life, all things will pass away.  The riches of the world will not compare to the riches that Jesus has and will have and provide for his bride.  The truth is, while one works hard for what they have, they will never be able to take that to their grave.  Money cannot and will not save us.  That is a hard message to many but it is true.

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