Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nobody's perfect

I remember a teacher asking a rather dumb question.  She asked how many of us are perfect and then mentioned that none of us are.  Why do I have this perfectionist complex?  I know that I will make mistakes.  Who hasn't?  I myself have made numerous mistakes and have committed numerous sins over the past 41 sins.  I will continue to do so.  The problem is with me either I am too flippant, too forgetful, or just struggle.  It is not a healthy attitude to have.  So, how do I deal with making mistakes and committing sins?  I guess thinking about myself and the world differently would help. Writing has been cathartic for me so I guess it is part of the healing process.  However, I am good at writing, but I am so bad at taking action.  But what is the action and what can I do about it?  Well a change in mindset would not hurt.  Transformation and a renewed mind also helps.  I finally realized that that is the answer.  I have to see myself for who I am, not for what the world has me to be.  Life is just too short to make everything a tragedy and thus fail to sweat the small stuff.  It is just time to move on and accept it.
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