Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So I am watching "My 600-lb. Life"

I have been watching "My 600-lb Life".  I am saddened that there are people who think it is funny to laugh at a very fat person and mock them.  Most of us in the world have to work at looking like someone who is a supermodel or has posed for the cover of a fitness magazine.  Very few people look like models or fitness gurus.  Even those who have those jobs have to work at looking like they do.  In short the "beautiful people" I assume have to work at being "beautiful".  I have often used the words so-called or considered, or even quote words such as unattractive or beautiful because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some of the so-called "beautiful people" have a hard time finding friends, loving themselves, finding dates, and struggle just like the rest of us.

People who weigh over 250-lbs. are people too.  I'm sure there are those who consider them beautiful, loving, kind, sexy, and nice, but it is only up to the 250-lb. plus person to want to lose the weight and to love and respect themselves.  We all need that.  I am a person who has weight to lose, but there others who are at a healthy weight.  There are others who are underweight who have to gain weight.  Not to sound like a medical doctor, but being under- or overweight both carry health risks.  That is the sad truth and I myself am living those health risks.  I don't wish for anyone to not just carry them, but to live them.

Just like the people on "My 600-lb Life", I am overweight.  Not because of my weight, but I feel bad for them.  I respect anyone who wishes to or currently is taking action to get healthy, whether they are 50-lb. or 1000-lbs.  I am watching this young lady about to be prepped for weight loss surgery. I cannot relate to her situation, but I can relate to the fact about the guilt that I have about gaining so much weight.  I cannot speak for this lady's situation, but I too have issues speaking from way back. I didn't come from divorced parents or a tumultuous childhood, but there were times when I realize that

I wasn't always overweight, but I never realized that my weight would carry so many health risks and so many problems.  I may not be a food addict and I don't know if she is, but regardless, ridiculing and enabling are not the answers.  Neither are denial and mindlessness the answers either.  What we both have in common is that neither of us have a healthy relationship with food.  I may or may not be a food addict (If that is her reason, then I don't know.) but mindless eating is just as bad as a food addiction.  Having a mission is about motion and taking action.  Having pcos has helped me to see that.  I do have issues that I need not just to deal with or work on, but to overcome.  I believe that that is what the lady on tv has always wanted to do, and is doing, too.  I wish her continued luck as I wish myself good luck.
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