Monday, November 30, 2015

The meaning of Christmas

Interestingly enough, I have asked God how He feels about Christmas.  Strangely enough, He has never answered.  However, maybe He has heard me, who knows?  Of course God answers prayer.  I have in the past prayed about it only to see that maybe just maybe He has His own perspective.  From a religious point of view, He has no respect for those who practice idolatry or ecumenism.  On the other hand, it can be construed as a holy day hence holiday.  It is nice to remember His birth, but it is nicer to remember ALL of Jesus' life everyday of the year, not just Christmas.  I choose to celebrate that message and take that time to be thankful for His life, beginning at His birth.  I guess that is the answer I have sought even though no one ever said that God commanded to celebrate Christmas, but we are all commanded to obey God, be saved by Jesus, let the Holy Spirit guide us, and follow the commands as written in His Word.  Wow!  Taking out Santa and commercialism, there would no longer be a controversy of how to celebrate Christmas.
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