Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Now that is something to think about.

 Yuletide-Santa with Reindeer

 Yule Log

 Fruitcake Recipe

 Black Jesus

 Family celebrating around the tree

Maybe I should read up more on the pagan customs of old and their origins of Christmas.  Also, Jeremiah 10:2-4 does mention about the idolatry of the pagans, to be separate from them, including the idol that is vaguely familiar to the Christmas tree.  Revelation did also say that we as believers were to come out of the religion of harlotry, the world system, and of false religion so that we should not share in her sins.  We are to obey God's Word and we MUST be born again in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven.  Now I am confused about one thing: does celebrating Christmas as I know it even validate paganism or is it really a holy day that Christians can partake in?  I know that I don't HAVE to celebrate Christmas, but since I believe that it is a celebration of Jesus' birth, then I wonder what is still wrong with that.  I know that Santa is not in the Bible; after all, Santa isn't real. Jesus IS indeed real; that is the difference.  The problem is, maybe I should view Christmas in a whole new light.  Maybe I should set every day to celebrate His life and pay special emphasis on his birth on that Day.  I don't know.  I still question why I should or should not celebrate Christmas.  Is there really a spirit of Christmas or is that based on pagan idolatrous history as well? On the other hand, when I think of Christmas, I think of gifts, love, holiness, joy, and peace.  I believe the problem for me isn't the pagan origin, though I don't consider myself a pagan, but that it is focused on the commercial aspect.  I think or at least would think that that is just as big a sin if not a "greater sin" that even the pagan origins.   I believe all of these things are something to think about.

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