Saturday, December 5, 2015

Focus on Jesus

 "Baby Jesus" (as a black American)

I have read some advice given to me and it is such sage advice that needed to be shared.  It is about focusing on Jesus and the rest will take care of itself.  Maybe I have been too hung up on the paganism and the commercialism of Christmas.  Is the religious aspect of Christmas ring hollow for me?  I would like to think that it is not the case.  I guess that this concern would or would not rather have the evidence that I prefer to religious "O Holy Night" than "Jingle Bell Rock".  Sure they are both wholesome songs, but "O Holy Night" carries a much a deeper meaning for me.  "Jingle Bell Rock" is a fun song, but that is just that: a fun song to sing and party to without a care in the world. I guess it is this religious aspect that would have a much deeper meaning and should to us all.
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