Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Deeper Meaning into Christmas

Christmas is about commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.  It was a blessed event and still should have seen as such.  However, I feel it goes deeper.  It starts with the impregnation of a young girl by God, who was highly favored.  She later gives birth to our Lord and our Savior.  I sometimes wondered how as a kid, Jesus dealt with bullies.  Were there any kid who bullied or tried to bully Him?  Did they think He was "different"?  Did He have many friends?  The truth is, those are questions that I may never have the answer to.  Mary and Joseph seemed to have been trusted with being parents to a Child who was Perfect.  I wonder if it were easy or if it were a challenge to raise Jesus since they were flawed humans raising a Child who was much more than just a "Nice young Man from school or down the street".  It comes to mind the song, "Mary did You Know?".  Maybe Mary always knew that her Son was the great I Am.  I think that Christmas in short is about the conception, birth. life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He may have not been born on December 25.  He could have been born in the Spring, Summer, or even Fall.  I wonder how much the date of His birth really matters.  Maybe, maybe not.  It sure would not hurt to wonder or ask about these things.  I guess for now, I will never know.
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